Mild Steel Zinc Plated Gravity Rollers

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Mild Steel Gravity Conveyor Rollers to meet the most demanding applications. A wide range of roller diameters, shaft sizes and tube materials are available.

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Rollers are made to suit customer's precise requirements and comply with British Standard 2567. All steel rollers are bright zinc plated as standard and are provided with a spring loaded spindle and a 15mm Shaft extension both sides of the roller. We also offer the following alternatives:

  • Drilled and tapped ends female or male threaded ends
  • Ends drilled for wire
  • Fixed or loose shaft
  • Multiple rollers on common shaft
  • Rollers can be supplied with or without spindle if required

Want it bespoke?

All non-stock products are manufactured to your exact specifications. This is what sets us apart from the UK Stockists we supply. If you require a product manufacturing with quality in mind, please contact our sales team today on 01604 882232.

Technical Chart

    Spindle Diameters/Availability
Roller Diameter (mm) Load Capacity (kg) 6 mm 1/4" 8 mm 8 A/F Hex 10 mm 11 mm 11 A/F Hex 12 mm 15 mm 16 mm 19 mm
19 (3/4") 7kg Y                     
25 (1") 12kg   Y Y                
30 22kg Y   Y   Y            
35 22kg     Y Y Y            
38 (1.5") 25kg     Y Y Y Y Y        
40 60 kg     Y   Y Y Y Y      
50 80kg     Y   Y Y Y Y Y    
57 100kg     Y   Y Y Y Y      
60 100kg     Y   Y Y Y Y      
63 160kg             Y     Y Y
76 180kg                   Y Y
80 100kg             Y Y      

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