Driven Roller Sprockets

27th Jun 2023

Driven Roller Sprockets

Driven Sprocket Rollers

We’ve just completed this order of Driven Sprocket Rollers for one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plant-based food and drink products.

Made from mild steel, with a durable BZP finish, these heavy-duty rollers have been fully designed and manufactured in-house by the team at Arnott Handling for use in the customer’s pallet conveyors.

Faced with regular breakdowns and line failures with their current rollers the Arnott team worked closely with the customer to re-engineer the shafts and craft new sprockets from a single steel block, to create a much stronger, more reliable product.

These new rollers will last longer, reduce failure rates and significantly improve line performance by cutting the downtime for roller repairs or replacement - so freeing up valuable engineering resource for other tasks.

Arnott Handling specialise in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of high-quality conveyor parts and accessories such as Gravity Rollers, all-metal adjustable feet, and Conveyor Drums & Rollers.

We deliver projects for sectors such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and logistics, as well as supporting a wide range of machine builders and conveyor manufacturers in areas as diverse as cosmetics, printing and textiles.

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