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Our new Zero Tangent belt conveyor allows for product transfer over the tightest turns, while still maintaining orientation - even at high speed.

Designed as a compact, space-saving solution the small inner radius (600mm) enables the tightest possible turn ratios, whilst still providing consistent product orientation and spacing, greatly reducing the challenges for downstream equipment and allowing for new opportunities for line layouts.

The Zero Tangent belt features a patented symmetric drive design and highly durable lug-tooth-style, positive-drive system - allowing for heavy loading without compromise in performance.


Additional Information

  • Flat-top acetal belt (food-grade)
  • Compact 30o,45o,60o,90o and 180o angles available.
  • 600mm inner radius with up to 1400mm outside radius (increments of 200mm)
  • Utilises Intralox  S2100 modular belt and sprockets
  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel frame options available
  • Drive motor is inverter enabled for variable speeds
  • Adjustable feet as standard
  • Wide range of applications - high load capacity as standard
  • Full specification is available on request

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