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Recent advances in rubber and bonding agent technology means that it is now possible to bond food grade rubber coverings to FDA approved Polypropylene conveyor drums. The addition of the rubber covering to the shell can significantly increase the grip on the belt thus avoiding belt slippage. It is therefore now possible to have a complete food quality Drive roller at a fraction of the cost of a Stainless steel rubber covered drum alternative.

Additional Information

  • Rubber covered rollers therefore now available in Polypropylene, Stainless steel, Stainless / Mild steel mix and all Mild Steel construction
  • Roller face can be ground parallel or crowned to suit customer's requirements
  • Tracking or polycord groove/s machined directly into rubber surface
  • Food quality rubber in either Blue or White
  • Non - food quality rubber available in black
  • Option of Polyurethane covering

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All non-stock products are manufactured to your exact specifications. This is what sets us apart from the UK Stockists we supply. If you require a product manufacturing with quality in mind, please contact our sales team today on 01604 882232.

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